Mount Charleston Arts and Crafts Fair

     The Mt. Charleston Arts & Crafts Show

 This is the OFFICIAL web page of the Mount Charleston Arts and Crafts Fair that has been held at the Resort on Mount Charleston from 2010-2014. If you hear of another show on the mountain this summer, it is NOT this show This show has a great reputation, and to keep this reputation, it was decided not to hold the show this year due to the venue being up for sale. Hopefully, things will improve, and we will once again have the show in 2016.

 At this posting (March 31), there will most likely not be a 2015 show. The venue is up for sale and is not in a good position as far as I am concerned to hold a show there, especially if it  suddenly comes under new ownership. I am very proud of the success of this show and do not want the quality of it to be lowered, so as the founder, I have regretfully made this decision. However, if you loved some of the vendors who have been in this show, just go to the LINKS page on here. You will find most of the vendors and links to their Etsy shops where you can buy their creations or get in touch with them to buy locally or to see what other shows they may be in. If things change, it will be noted here, as this is the official page for the Mt. Charleston Arts and Crafts Show/Fair.


 Please DO NOT add yourself as a member to this website unless you have participated or are going to be participating in one of the shows.




Directions to the event are below.

 Directions: Google or use Yahoo maps. Type in your address and 2 Kyle Canyon Road for directions. Basically, go north on 95. Turn left on Route 157 (Kyle Canyon Road, which is the FIRST Mount Charleston exit). Follow it up for 20 miles. The hotel is on the left side of the road across from the Baptist Church.